Why MalVisa?


“Once upon a time… In a country called Malaysia… In the state of Selangor…”

Ok… let’s just cut to the chase


MalVisa started on its journey in 2007 with the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H), formerly called the “Silver Hair” Program, which basically helped foreigners who wanted to enjoy the fruitful and blessed life here in Malaysia. We know this to be true. With all the travels done under our belts, we realized how blessed a country Malaysia is without the disastrous natural disasters that plague a lot of the other nations out there. This long-stay program was still in its infancy then and there were very few players offering their services to facilitate the process needed to convert the foreigners into “local foreigners.”

MalVisa, is obsessed about ensuring customer satisfaction. Their satisfaction, some of which is literalized in the testimonials provided, is what we at MalVisa are ultimately thriving for.

In our journey in this servitude that MalVisa realized that there is more to just completing the paperwork and obtaining the appropriate MM2H visas. These new “local foreigners” had a host of other needs… Property search… Appropriate international school and college searches for their children… Domestic help searches… and a host of services associated with someone, and usually with a family, moving to a new country.

MM2H was just a piece of a larger puzzle. Knowing this, MalVisa started embarking on processing international school recruitments and the visas associated with them. We started hooking up clients with the appropriate property agents. We also started working with local oil and gas industries to process work permits for their foreign employees so that they could start working here.

And now, in celebration of our 15th Anniversary, we are ready to expand further! With the roping in of some talented individuals who share the same passion of serving and assimilating “local foreigners”, MalVisa is ready to serve you with true dedication. Rest assured, we are not some “fly-by-night” operation, as can be seen from our 10 years of dedication to this sector.

We hope you will join us in this adventurous, fruitful ride and explore this wonderful, blessed nation called Malaysia. We are always ready to welcome you with open arms!

Contact us today at contact@malvisa.com and we will attend to your needs promptly!