Employment Pass – Expatriate

The Employment Pass (EP) is a work permit that enables an expatriate to take up employment with an organisation in Malaysia. This pass is subject to the contract of employment (up to 60 months). The Expatriate Committee (EC) or relevant authorities must give approval for the foreign talent to fill a position before the issuance of an expatriate Employment Pass can be made by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

Malaysia Employment Pass Categories

Employment Passes for Malaysia, depending on your position, salary and requirement based on eligibility.

  • Employment Pass Category 1: includes key post positions in a company, such as executives, CEOs, technical or managing directors, project managers etc.
  • Employment Pass Category 2: includes managerial and professional positions in a company.
  • Employment Pass Category 3: includes non-executive positions in a company that require significant work experience and specific technical or knowledge/skilled.
  • Professional Visit Pass generally used for foreign technical experts, foreign Interns and transfer skilled or knowledge relevant to industry requirements.Malaysian Employment Pass Requirements
  • Relevant academic qualifications required for the position.
  • Relevant 3 years work experience.
  • Key Management, executive or technical position which requires specialised skills.
  • Required salary as per category requirements.
  • Must have a valid passport that has at least 18 months validity remaining. 

Eligibility of Malaysian Company to Employ Expatriate

• Company must be registered and obtain approval with immigration Department through Expatriate Services Division (ESD). Upon approval from the Immigration Department of Malaysia, the company may apply for a range of Expatriate Visa or passes as per criteria and requirement.

Basic requirements to qualify to register with Immigration Department.

• The Company must be registered with either:

  • The Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) under Companies Act 1965 / 2016; or
  • The Registry of Societies Malaysia under the Organisation Act 1966; or
  • Associations/Cooperatives registered under the laws of Malaysia.

• Company that wants to register for ESD Malaysia must comply the following requirements:


100% Local Owned Joint venture
100% Foreign Owned


RM250,000 RM350,000 RM500,000

Foreign-owned companies (foreign equity at 51% and above) operating in the Wholesale, Retail and Trade (WRT) sectors (mandatory requirement to submit valid WRT approval letter, if applicable). Please refer to the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co- operatives and Consumerism for WRT license application guideline)


Foreign-owned companies (foreign equity at 51% and above) involved in the sub sectors on unregulated services are required to refer to the Services Industry Division, Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism on the application guideline to obtain approval.


* Company paid-up capital requirement (not applicable to public limited companies, companies limited by guarantee, associations & organisations incorporated under specific acts).

  • Company’s Business license /premise and signboard license from the local town council and specific industry sector license is mandatory for the ESD registration.
  • Company’s tenancy agreement (minimum 12 months validity) and company phone bill is required for the ESD registration.
  • Depending on company sector has to obtain approval from one of the following government-approved agencies:
    • Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) for the sectors of manufacturing and services.
    • Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) for the technology sector.
    • Central Bank of Malaysia (BNM) for the sectors of finance, insurance, and banking.
    • Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation (Biotech Corp – BC) for the sector ofbiotechnology.
    • Securities Commission (SC) for the sector of securities and futures market.
    • Expatriate Committee (EC) for sectors other than the ones mentioned above.
    • CIDB – Construction and Engineering

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