International Students

Malaysia is one of the top countries to get a wholesome international student experience. International Student life in Malaysia can be an amazing experience due to many advantages that students get to enjoy. The low-cost living, diversity in culture and food, and even the weather. Other advantages would also include the ease of travelling to nearby countries and experiencing South Asia and the convenience of language as English is widely spoken. One of the top reasons for studying in Malaysia is that you’ll be surrounded by a diverse group of people and have a variety of academic programs at affordable prices. In terms of credibility, The Ministry of Education, and Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) monitors the quality of all areas of the education system. This assures that the quality of public and private higher education institutions is up to par and that students gain skills that are useful in their relevant fields of work. Malaysia is also a peaceful and safe country.  The crime rate in Malaysia is relatively low and the politic is relatively stable. On top of that, Malaysia’s geographical location also made it clear from most natural disasters which makes it a peaceful place to live in.

Currently, we are processing Student and Guardian Visa applications for various International Schools in Malaysia (the list of school is available upon request.)

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